Ministry-Focused Bookkeeping Service

We have the expertise, resources, and capabilities to help manage the tasks that take up your time so you can be free to minister. Typically in a nonprofit, a fund will be in the form of a grant that was awarded to them by the government. The nonprofit will need to prove to the government that the money was spent for it’s intended purpose and not on other areas of need. Funds can also come in the form of large donations, where the donor has asked that the money from the donation be put towards something specific. Churches and nonprofits stand to lose benefits when they purchase an accounting program that is not designed specifically for them.

With the right church financial software tools, you can stay organized and free up extra time for more important work. Martus Solutions can handle multiple forms of compensation and do forecasting on a ‘what if’ basis. Using this cloud-based solution, you can view graphical representations of performance versus budget. You can also save time by using built-in templates, as well as granting user-level permissions based on individual need. If you are a pastor or church leader, we’re here to take the burden of managing church finances off your shoulders.

  1. Church accounting software programs will help you report all your donations and expenses accurately so that anyone who inquires will find you’ve operated with integrity on all fronts.
  2. Church leaders and members can use this information to make informed decisions about budgeting, fundraising, and stewardship.
  3. It can also help you manage your church board by organizing your structure, and keeping a church directory.
  4. Based in the cloud, Aplos church accounting software allows you to track cash flows and create journal entries for direct double-entry accounting.
  5. One more notable feature is FreshBooks’ highly customizable invoices.

Our Church worked with David Dennison who performed an audit plus multiple compilations from 2010 to present. The free version of CahabaWorks is intended for use by small churches and does have a limited feature set, as well as only giving access to 1 computer. If you’re interested in our payroll software, you can start a free 30-day trial when you sign up for Wave. Consider hiring a CPA to do a quarterly or annual “look over” of your church bookkeeping …

They called me in a panic …needing a Statement of Activity (Income Statement) and a Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) for the last 3 years…like yesterday! We got it and they got the loan …and become one of my monthly bookkeeping clients as well…but it was a stressful and expensive lesson learned. Online tithing is a growing trend, allowing church members to support their place of worship consistently. Unlike the occasional one-time donation someone might make after a special event or an inspired sermon, online tithing is about setting up regular, recurring donations. Want the youth director to be able to add her expenses directly to your accounting system but don’t want her to have access to payroll information? Meanwhile, there are bills to pay, needs to meet, and (often) salaries to be paid.

Key Features:

Botkeeper also offers a great customer support, which ensures that any issues or concerns are addressed quickly. The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate even for those with little or no accounting experience. Furthermore, Botkeeper is cloud-based, which means that churches can access their financial information and data from anywhere at any time. For churches that manage projects, such as adding facilities to the church campus or responding to natural disasters, Xero’s $65-per-month Established plan offers unique value.

Features include invoicing, bank reconciliation, expense management, financial reporting, payroll, multi-currency, mobile app, time tracking, collaboration, chart of accounts, and third-party integrations/add-ons. If you are looking for a software package with a free forever plan you can use to manage your church’s bookkeeping needs, you may want to consider ZipBooks. ZipBooks is a cloud-based accounting software that provides small business owners with easy-to-use financial management tools. Though not church-specific software, it can of course be used by churches.

Tag it, track it

In our rubric, Aplos takes the lead in ease of use because of its intuitive interface. Like IconCMO and PowerChurch Plus, Aplos gets a perfect score in church features, which we already expected given Aplos’ comprehensive church management features. However, pricing isn’t its strongest suit given that its prices are on the higher side; IconCMO can offer more or less the same set of features at a much lower price.

Look at higher-tiered plans and the financial actions your church needs over the long term. Consider whether higher-tiered plans will enable your church to perform essential actions even as its needs grow. Also, read customer reviews to learn if users are satisfied over the long term. Decide whether your church can thrive despite any weaknesses reviewers mention. Using Aplos’ CRM tools, you can create a member and donor database with profiles.

Create custom tags to tie donations to specific funds and programs for better organization and easier reference later on. Use past data to manage your general ledger and budgets accurately. Check if the accounting software integrates with other platforms you use, such as online giving and financial what are trade receivables formula calculation and example institutions. MIP Fund Accounting can also handle complex financial reporting, including government and grant reporting, as well as the flexibility to customize reports to meet the specific needs of their organization. Another strength of Botkeeper is its ability to provide real-time data insights.

Because church leaders and pastors are not normally accountants, church bookkeeping software is designed to be easier to use than some of their more robust, professional counterparts. The best choice for your church is the one that is simple enough to understand and use but contains enough features to save you time and money. Consider the features you need and choose software that offers them.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Small Church Accounting Software

It can also provide insight into the church’s liquidity, or its ability to meet its financial obligations. Church leaders and members can use this information to make informed decisions about budgeting, fundraising, and stewardship. Second, Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT can help churches manage their donor relationships.

Contributions and Online Giving

While it takes a lot of prayers and planning to fulfill the vision, it also requires money to fuel it. Next, make a list of all of the actions your church must perform on a monthly and yearly basis to keep track of its finances, report how donations are used and file taxes. Also, list extra financial capabilities your church needs, such as the ability to process payroll, maintain a CRM or categorize restricted funds. Then, check to ensure your software offers a plan that is both within your budget and enables you to perform essential actions. Ease of use is an important consideration when choosing church bookkeeping software because it affects the productivity and efficiency of the staff and volunteers who will be using the software. An easy bookkeeping program can save time and reduce the likelihood of errors in data entry, which can help maintain the integrity of financial records.

However, a sudden rainstorm causes some flooding in the church’s basement, and they need to pay a contractor to fix some water damage. Not only is it unethical to use the donated funds towards this new problem, but it will cause reporting issues when the church is trying to show in their accounting ledger where the money to pay this contractor came from. Nonprofits, in particular, have to worry about fund accounting, which is the management of resources that have been designated for specific uses. This means that a generic accounting system won’t be able to create a trial balance by the fund or provide the necessary reports or checks/balances to ensure resources are being allocated as needed. From payroll services, to bank connections, to online donation processing, and more, Wave has a variety of features to help you keep your church running smoothly and cost-effectively.

StartCHURCH Bookkeeping Service

You can add payroll processing for $40 per month, plus $6 per employee. Are these the best church bookkeeping software tools on the market? Sound financial management is core to running any faith-based organization. You always have access to your financial records and can switch to a church accounting software only subscription at any point with a 30-day notice if you decide to manage the books yourself. Wave uses authentic double entry accounting software so your church expenses are accurately recorded and coded, making it easy to hand off year-end reports to your accountant at tax time.

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